Jeff was breaking in someone's house to kill them. He was in their room looking at his victim. The person woke up and seen jeff their. Go To Sleep jeff said. Has someone pushed jeff down. The person who did it ate the persons kidneys and turned around. What jeff saw wasn't normal. He seen a person with dark around their body. His face was wearing a blue mask. Jeff also saw his eyes. His eyes weren't their. Has black blood was coming down it's eyes. Who the fuck are you jeff said. The man stayed quiet. Has the man lunged at jeff where his kidney was. Jeff was fast enough to dodge and stabbed the man's back. He grabbed his knife back and ran in the living room. The man followed jeff into the living room. The man grabbed jeff from his neck. Jeff wasn't breathing. Has Jeff's hand stabbed the mans chest. Has jeff falled he went to the kitchen and grabbed two knives. Go To Sleep jeff said. He stabbed his arms when the man got up. The man was still standing up with his hands bleeding black blood. Jeff started to feel his kidneys feeling like their being chewed. Jeff looked down and saw eyelessjack eating one of his kidneys while jeff was standing. Jeff stabbed eyelessjack again with jack on the ground trying to get up. Jeff's kidney was hurting in the inside. Half of it was gone. Jeff went to eyelessjack who was still on the ground. Jeff tooked off his mask. When eyelessjacks mask was off his face wasn't normal. His teeth were crooked. His eyes were black tentacles with black blood dripping. His nose had broken half. Eyelessjack and his mask disappeared. What the hell did i saw jeff said. Has jeff got out of the house he saw a blackened kidney on the ground.